The Sharia as the Main Source of Legislation?

The Egyptian Debate on Article II of the Egyptian Constitution
Tectum,  2013, 260 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8288-3067-7

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As Egypt enters a new phase of transition with its first Islamist government, Christians and non-Islamist Muslims have become fearful of the implications of an Islamist government for the rule of law. Their major concern is the push for implementation of Islamic law through Article II of the Constitution. In Western countries this Article has caused an outcry against Islamists from those harboring little desire for dialogue and understanding. This book, wants to spark a more fruitful exchange by offering an unprecedented look into this debate among Muslims and Christians in Egypt. Providing statistical analysis, interviews, as well as contributions by many Egyptian officials it facilitates readers to develop an informed position on this matter.